Plein Air Artists

Ventura Botanical Gardens' Plein Air

Regional artists brought the vibrant colors of nature alive at Ventura Botanical Gardens' First Annual Plein Air Paint Out on April 6th and 7th! Visitors were able to immerse themselves in the creative process as artists captured the essence of our diverse landscapes, from lush gardens to panoramic ocean views.

Check out the list of participating artists and mark your calendar for the upcoming Plein Air Art Preview & Reception on May 11. At the reception, the artists will share their artworks from the weekend, celebrating the intersection of art and nature at Ventura Botanical Gardens.

Members enter for free, non-members are $7, and children 18 and under are FREE.

Special Dates

ART PREVIEW & RECEPTION (members only)
Sat May 11th 1pm-2pm

Members are invited to the Welcome Center to join the Plein Air artists for an artist reception and get the first opportunity to purchase the gorgeous artwork created at the gardens in April!

ART RECEPTION (general public)
Sat May 11th 2pm-4pm

Not a member yet? You can still attend the Plein Air Artist Reception at the Welcome Center. The artwork will be available for sale to the general public from 2pm - 4pm! Admission is free for members and children 18 and under and $7 for non-members.

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