Welcome Center

Provide a great visitor experience to members and guests. Help orient first time visitors, promote our membership options, and show off our fabulous gift shop.


Gatherings are an important part of our culture. There is a role for everyone on the team responsible for planning, implementation and follow-up to garden events.


Members are essential to the continued growth and success of the gardens. Lend your skills to help enhance and engage our membership base.

Business Outreach

We partner with local businesses (relative to our mission) that want to reach our members. Connect with companies to build our Member Discount program or to become sponsors of the Gardens.


Good record-keeping is essential to any successful organization. Come to our office and help with data entry, filing, and other important tasks.


VBG is supported in a significant manner through private sources. Join the team that develops the relationships and help achieve our mission.

Technical Skill

Do you have expertise in Geographic Information Systems, Engineering, Construction Planning, Estate and Financial Planning or other technical fields? If so, let us know a little more about your skillset and how you might want to get involved.


Want to get your hands dirty? Planting, weeding, and building helps the garden grow. Plus, gardening is good for you!

Volunteer Opportunities

Want to become more involved? Just click this link, fill out the form, and you'll be contacted on the days and times for volunteering.

For answers to your questions, please contact us at info@venturabotanicalgardens.com or (805) 232-3113.



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