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Laura Jespersen

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Garden Location(s):

Chilean/SA Fynbos

Artist Biography:

I have been drawing architecture and the things around me for most of my life. Taking inspiration from our beach town, I have been painting in acrylics since 2010, but it was during the pandemic where I really focused on creating art. My architecture background helps me solve problems and focus on light and color to create a unique portrayal of everyday scenes on canvas.

Lately, I have been painting on location each week around Ventura County. This helps me practice painting quickly, see more color in the landscape, and be in the moment. Painting with friends makes it fun. I am in awe of the purple and blue hills of Fillmore, the teal green waves at the beach, and the bright colors of succulents found throughout the county. From the agriculture of Santa Paula to the Channel Islands marina, this current work has opened my eyes to the beauty that surrounds us.

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