Artist Profile

Ruben Zavala

Residence City:

Los Angeles

Artist Biography:

Ruben A. Zavala was born and raised in southern California, one of the most ethnically diverse parts of the country. Ruben believes that his exposure to a diverse climate has shaped his artistic approach to creating art. From a young age, Ruben frequented museums, libraries, galleries, and art shows to absorb as much art and culture as possible. His local libraries provided a valuable supply of information that became crucial to his childhood development.

Ruben has been painting the California landscape for the past 10 years, from Laguna Beach to San Francisco & has become part of the Chicano art landscape, at one point becoming the print master for an art project that included over one hundred artists west of the Mississippi and as far south as Chiapas, central America called The Stamp Project – Creating Cultural Currency that continues to tour all over the western United States.

“The vivid colors and energetic brushstrokes of the impressionists continue to evoke the spirit of our post-industrial age.”

Artists such as Cézanne, Degas, Van Gogh, Matisse, Morisot, and others showed Ruben the language of art. Ruben has explored many styles, techniques, and subject matter to develop his own authentic voice over the years.  Ruben has studied art history, design, and business, and has a degree in Science Multimedia.

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