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Ron Zolkover

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I have always love art and nature.  I really did not start painting seriously until about 2000,  It was then that after seeing a show by the Santa Barbara Oak Group that I was truly inspired paint on a daily basis.  I had the passion but needed technique.  I started from the ground up painting in oils.  I joined the Buenaventura Art Association so that I could get more in tune with the local artist community.  I read a number of books, attended critiques, and entered monthly shows.  The workshops were particularly helpful.  I also attended workshops by some of the Oak Group painters to understand their painting secrets. Over time and many, many paintings, things began to work themselves out.  I still paint daily, Plein Air and in the studio.  Painting is now in my blood and I could not see myself with out it.  I have painted in the Ventura Hills before they were developed and since it has become the Beautiful VBG.  Looking forward to the paint out with other artists.

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